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  • Egyesült Királyság Doctor Who
Sci-Fi / Fantasy / Kaland / Dráma
Egyesült Királyság, (2005–2024), 155 h 20 perc (Percek: 42–88 perc)


Graeme Harper, James Strong, James Hawes, Joe Ahearne, Charlie Palmer (több)


Charles Dickens (könyv)


Peter Capaldi, Matt Smith, David Tennant, Jodie Whittaker, Ncuti Gatwa, Christopher Eccleston, Billie Piper, Karen Gillan, Arthur Darvill (több)
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Rose Tyler (Billie Piper), a csinos fiatal lány egy londoni áruházban dolgozik. Egy napon véres, megmagyarázhatatlan események tanúja lesz, és veszélybe kerül az ő élete is. Hamarosan felbukkan egy rejtélyes férfi (Christopher Eccleston), aki magát nemes egyszerűséggel Doktornak nevezi, és aki nem csak Rose-t menti meg... Rose rövid időn belül egy lázas és mozgalmas csata közepén találja magát, ahol a tét nem más, mint a Föld és az emberiség megmentése. A lány hamar rájön, hogy új barátja még annál is különösebb, mint ahogy gondolta. A Doktor ugyanis képes utazni térben és időben. Amennyiben Rose vele tart, úgy tanúja lehet a Föld jövőbeni pusztulásának, találkozhat Charles Dickensszel a múltban és szembesülhet olyan eseményekkel, amelyeket előtte lehetetlennek hitt. Csupán egy dolog biztos: ez az utazás egy életen át tart... (RTL Klub)


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angol I strongly do not recommend this to sushi lovers! They may well end up spending all the family savings on the journey to get just this one dinner in the restaurant with no toilets in the Tokyo subway. If sushi is not so high on your list of priorities you can watch it with no fear, because it’s mainly about the old-world Japanese demeanor which is aimed at constant self-improvement through their absolute attention to detail and infinite humility. Despite having been the very best in their field for decades. But have you heard what our cooking celebrities have to say to this exceptional documentary about the “philosophy of sushi" as practiced by the Ono family (with Jiro as a leader who made it all the way into a sci-fi comic book by the culinary adventurer Bourdain) in one very special restaurant that got three stars in the Michelin guide? Zdeněk Pohlreich: Well I’ve never seen anything like that before! Look at him how he’s touching it with his dirty mist and has the cheek to stare straight into your face, less than an inch away from you, watching you eat! Jiří Babica: Hmm, interesting, I must say. But unnecessarily snobbish ingredients. I would add ketchup and a frankfurter sausage to the rice. And in fact ketchup instead of the rice and the frankfurter because ketchup on ketchup blends nicely together and it’s a yummy treat which you can have every single god given day. Jaroslav Sapík: Excellent! Delicious! But where is the main course with six dumplings? And where is the beer to wash it down? VydroBoušek: He is too grumpy, can’t speak a word of Czech and how can you call this cooking? - It’s served raw! But you must admit that the funny activity – massaging an octopus for an hour - was the high point of this week. So 5 points for him (which isn’t enough to win), so the winner is Jarka from Velká Bíteš with her traditional meatloaf. Roman Vaněk: That seems odd. Ten years of hard labor day in, day out, just to learn the basics? Yo, losers… Come to Prakul, and we’ll teach him everything he needs to know about sushi in just five hours, for just four thousand crowns! ()


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angol The basic idea behind the final form of Doctor Who is: is it possible to compete in the field of sci-fi and fantasy series with the money-driven and visually demanding television series from American studios like Battlestar Galactica, which are in no way inferior to summer blockbuster films in terms of entertainment value? Yes, but only by making a virtue out of necessity, and if my budget is not enough to create attractive alternative worlds, I rely on exaggeration, humor, naivety, and in this case, significantly old-fashioned stylization. The spaceship takes the form of a telephone booth, the Doctor manages with very little in his battles with aliens, and the monsters do not bother to hide their trickery more than necessary. Accept it, dear viewer, or move on. I knew Doctor Who from several randomly watched episodes (mostly specials, which receive more attention during production because they serve as a showcase for the project). Based on those few encounters, I was able to join the numerous fan base of the series. The problem arose when I started watching Doctor Who diligently during a TV re-run, episode by episode, day by day, starting from the first episode. The first series was still searching for its final form and the atmosphere of the series, but even that is not an excuse for me losing interest in Doctor Who soon after. After the seventh episode of the second series, I definitively gave up. Doctor Who simply does not have the power to compel me to return to the series at regular intervals. From similarly themed projects, I prefer the Canadian series LEXX, which I find more entertaining due to its deliberate and degraded nature. Overall impression: 45%. ()


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