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Elérhető 2024.04.20  
High Hopes

High Hopes (2024) (sorozat)

- epizódok 1 - 6

Egyesült Államok, Dokument / Reality-TV

Forgalmazó: Hulu

Elérhető 2024.04.19


Elérhető 2024.04.18


Elérhető 2024.04.17


Elérhető 2024.04.16


Elérhető 2024.04.15



EvilPhoEniXRebel Moon - Part Two: The Scargiver(2024) 

I found it even weaker than the first one. I liked the first one better because of the fun recruiting team with a vibe like The Magnificent Seven. Charlie Hunnam was there, the monster spider was awesome and Ed Skrein… (több)

NecrotongueJimmy Carr: Natural Born Killer(2024) 

Jimmy Carr is a prime example (even though partly Irish) that good old English humor isn't completely gone, it still has a pulse. It was a solid hour without a hint of political correctness. I thoroughly enjoyed myself… (több)

JeoffreyThe Grimm Variations(2024) 

Diving into this modern take on classic Brothers Grimm tales, you're greeted with a visually polished presentation and a solid musical score. With six diverse stories at play, each one twists and turns familiar… (több)