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1997. augusztus 29-én kitört a harmadik világháború. Ennek a háborúnak 3 milliárd áldozata volt. Ami az emberiségből megmaradt, hamarosan újabb iszonyattal kell szembenézzen: a gépek elleni háborúval. S most a Skynet gépei egy új Terminátort terveztek, aminek csak egyetlen feladata van: elpusztítani John Connor-t, a gépek elleni harc vezetőjét. S minthogy a tervezés időpontjában a tudomány már képes az időutazásra, a Terminátort visszaküldik az időben, hogy John-t még gyerekkorában pusztítsa el. Az emberek azonban szintén felkészültek az eseményre. S ők is visszaküldtek egy Terminátort az időben, aminek az a feladata, hogy megvédje az ifjú John Connort. John Connor tehát tinédzser még, amikor életében megjelenik a két Terminátor, hogy végzetes összecsapásban számoljanak le egymással. (Pannonia Entertainment Ltd.)


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angol An action blast with revolutionary visual effects never seen before. Five stars for the T-1000 and its metamorphosis, five stars for the vision of nuclear war, three stars for the script, as well as for some scenes that were too militant for my taste (Arnie vs. a column of police cars). But to overlook the fact that this film meant so much to the development of filmmaking technology and visual effects would be a great sin. Therefore, the only and correct rating is for five, it’s just awesome! ()


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angol In part one, Arnie promised that he’d be back. And he kept his word like a real gentleman. But the stumbling block here is the sticky epilog which I have never come to terms with (and have no plans of doing so in the future) and this also applies to the special effects which are unusually frequent for Cameron. P.S.: This is one of the few movies that HD is detrimental to. The picture is so crystal clear that in most stunt scenes you can easily recognize Arnold’s stand-in, who really doesn’t look much like him. ()



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angol In the first film, the heroes fought for their lives, and the good rule of the second film is that twice as much must be placed on the bet. Cameron fulfilled his commitment, and so the marvelous trio of warriors are fighting not only for existence, but now above all for the future. The script cleverly developed Kyle's words about fate, and Judgment Day is such a dramatic struggle for the right to change what was determined the first time. While machines act as exotic oddities in the first film (in accordance with the times), the second film does not deny the onset of the silicon age. Computers are a common part of human existence, and Cameron rightly points to the threat of diluting human intelligence with a virtual one. But since T2 is massively leaning on the power of silicon as the first film in history, the message goes the other way: even a machine can think like a human. Arnold has a top performance as the humanized Terminator. If there hadn't been such a strong disregard for the genre among academics, it would have been at least nominated for an Oscar that year. One tends to believe in the machine with the learning module. To this day, I'm not convinced that the Governor doesn't have a metal chassis under his skin. If James Cameron based T1 on excellent action, T2 is brilliant professorship. No one (and I stand by that) has been able to elevate the "fallen" genre to the level of art without alienating himself by low means. The lightness with which Cameron juggles emotions and pumps adrenaline, the genius of the action scenes (again, still unbeatable) and the overall apocalyptic touch are among the film's crowning displays of power. That's not the opinion of an intellectual, but of a man who grew up on T2 and, after years and hundreds of films, watched it again, found Cameron's pet to be at least as powerful. Like the time I woke up in the morning and dreamed on the way to elementary school that the door would open and Arnie would join me with a slightly crooked smile. ()


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angol This is total overkill in several filmmaking disciplines that hasn't been knocked into the dust by time or silicon by better-refined followers. It's all been said about it already, but the unwritten Cameronian dictum that action scenes must serve the story and not the other way around ages like a fine wine with every unnecessary megabyte of data generated, and it's a wonder that there haven't been many action blockbusters that work on a similar principle in the twenty-six years since. Personally, I'll always prefer the uneven trench warfare of planetoid LV-426, but I still very much understand why this fully holds up in the genre battle even after blowing away all the nostalgic overlay in this millennium. This will survive judgment day because it's... (see the beginning of my comment). ()


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angol What can I say other than praise. Right from the first viewing, I encountered an extended version, and those 154 minutes are absolutely unique at first sight. I've never liked Arnold as much as here, and Cameron's explosive ego I accept without question. Exciting action, amazing tricks, one of the best villains I've ever seen, and the Terminator reloading a shotgun with one hand. ()

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