In a future where those who die prematurely can be resurrected from backups of their minds, a murder case leads a detective to unsettling discoveries. (Netflix)

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magyar Már az első felvétel Zimmer zenéjével lenyűgöző, főleg, ha arra gondolunk, hogy egy cseh filmről van szó. A monumentális külső díszletek nagyszerű dizájnnal, beleértve az autókat, hologramokat és digitális képeket a Restore Point című filmben világszínvonalúak. A cselekményt tekintve nem is lenne baj, hogy ez csak egy sci-fi környezetben játszódó krimi. A Különvélemény című film is az volt. A film hátránya az, hogy a nézőt non-stop feszültségben próbálja tartani, a cselekmény megoldását célzó állandó, sokszor feleslegesen kanyargó párbeszédekkel, további párbeszédekkel és még több párbeszéddel. Mivel a film nem tudott ötletesebben és határozottabban bevonni a cselekménybe, nem voltam hajlandó (és egy éjszakai fesztiválvetítés keretében, fárasztó nap után képtelen is voltam) ezt a túlzott bonyolultságot felfogni. Legközelebb kell egy ötletesebb téma, kevesebb fecsegés, ellensúlyozva pihentető részekkel a karakterek megismerésével, és akkor bombajó lesz. Akár filmszériaként, ugyanazzal a nyomozónővel. Jól lett kiválogatva, nézhető, és a karaktere fejleszthető is. [Karlovy Vary-i NFF] ()


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angol If I were to write a review of Restore Point, the numerical rating would be average, maybe slightly above average, and might discourage someone from going to the cinema. That would be a huge mistake and, more importantly, something I wouldn't really want. This little attempt at Czech sci-fi that blew our minds with its trailer definitely has a lot to offer, and actually I'm still processing the fact that even in this country you can make a film that looks so good on a relatively modest budget. I'm not just talking about the quality of the effects, but about the production design, the work of the architect and the ability to learn what's right from foreign models and use it in a Czech film. To a certain extent, Restore Point is exactly the kind of film we were hoping for and shows that excuses like "we can't do it here" are really just excuses. Unfortunately, however, all those stunning visuals are not accompanied by a very interesting story. Restore Point is basically a whodunit, but unfortunately it's rather banal and boring, because it works with a minimum of characters and let's say that when Karel Dobrý is in a movie (and he does a good job), you somehow expect that he won't turn out to be a good person. As a crime drama, it eventually holds up with some effort, and there are some interesting solutions in the character work, but compared to the audiovisual aspect, the overall mediocrity and unattractiveness of the plot is almost distracting. I certainly didn't leave the cinema thinking I got ripped-off, though I'd be bullshitting if I said I didn't hope for better. Much better, actually. But for the sheer audacity to try the sci-fi genre here, and for how great Restore Point looks, its creators deserve your time and money for two hours. And then you can hope with me that next time it'll all go great. ()



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angol A random collection of futuristic wallpapers surrounded by robotic characters, wooden dialogue and an utterly stupid plot devoid of psychology and a basic characterization of the world. In terms of narrative, Restore Point is on the level of a made-for-TV detective movie. The emphasis on design elevates it slightly, but this post-autopsy Blade Runner and post-trepanation Minority Report can’t be taken too seriously. ()


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angol A traditional Czech crime drama set in a nice sci-fi world with a touch of Blade Runner, but with few visual attractions. The actors didn't impress me (although the female lead is likeable), the plot didn't entertain me at all, the film absolutely failed to draw me into the plot and it was quite difficult to keep my attention. I was rooting for it because it’s something a little different, but when it's boring as hell, it's a wasted effort. It will find fans, it missed me. 4/10. ()


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angol The 4 stars really aren't out of mercy. Anyone who's even a little bit interested in the filmmaking process knows what a pain in the ass it is, especially in our neck of the woods, where you have to beg for every cent. I won’t even mention that the whole film could have been made into a 5-minute trailer with all the visual effects shots, because I'm glad at least for that. Also for the fact that finally there was a domestic film in the cinemas without Langmajer, young Polívka, Prachař etc., and that it is not one of the usual provincial semi-romantic movies Czech cinemas are full of and that nobody remembers two months later. Here, in the case of Robert Hloz, you can feel a worthy ambition to come up with something that stands out from the current Czech film production that is contentedly rotting away on Voyo and similar channels. And in this case, I have to turn a blind eye to the fact that, if you ignore the basic premise of "resetting", which is the only one that meets the standards of sci-fi, the whole plot and the paths it winds its way through is rather on the level of a mediocre TV crime show. But otherwise, the cinematography is very nice, the compositions are great at times, and in general the individual elements (the piano, the teeth with projection) are interesting and imaginative. Thanks for that, really. And by the way, the last such good Czech sci-fi film was a long 61 years ago! ()

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