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Tyler Rake profi kommandós a halálból visszatérve újabb veszélyes küldetésre indul, hogy kiszabadítsa a börtönből egy könyörtelen gengszter családját. (Netflix)

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magyar Rengeteg forgatókönyvírói klisé egy 80-as évekbeli egyszerű történetben, hatalmas adag fergeteges, energikus akcióval. A hosszú felvételekből összeállított börtönszökési jelenet teljes 21 percig tart! Sajnos, utána már semmi nem tudja utolérni. ()


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angol It makes me proud that the pumped-up and visually irresistible action scene from the prison was filmed right here in the Czech Republic. The stunts, camera, and other related work are top-notch, making Extraction 2 one of the biggest events outside of traditional cinema distribution. How much more shocking it is, then, that the plot, which only serves as a necessary complement to the first installment, stretches clichés that I thought had been abandoned in the 1990s, and the events on the Georgian side of the barricade suddenly become an unwanted parody. ()



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angol Amazing “single-take” scenes, solid stunt choreography (pity about the blatant CGI in the explosions, crashes, etc., though), without any bollocks, dialogue outbursts or wisecracks during the action; it just rolls along at an exciting pace. And with sheer action filling well over half the running time, there is undeniably much to be genuinely excited about. But... It trips over its own feet with the opening and the ending. The first action set-piece happens in the 20th minute, and all that mandatory “let’s pretend we have a story and characters” filler would be sorted out in five minutes in a timeless action flick. Also, the climax has the problem that the final showdown (itself solid) is significantly overshadowed by all the previous action passages. ()


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angol This year's biggest hit and Netflix's dark horse has seen the light of day, and for action fans (read proper blokes) this is the second action fest of the year to be celebrated with champagne and a 5 star award. For viewers with low-testosterone levels and lovers of drama, this is a filler before the 60th repeat of Whale and Father. Chris Hemsworth, aka Tyler Rake (definitely a character who belongs in the limelight of modern action cinema with Wick and Nobody), after a tough recovery from Bangladesh, has to take another challenging mission where he has to shoot and beat the crap out of a bunch of scumbags, and I enjoyed it immensely once again. Hemsworth is in top form, he's matured a lot as an actor and he makes the emotions work, so he easily pulls the whole film off reliably and believably. One thing I appreciate about the Extraction movies is that they choose interesting and offbeat locations. Here we get a look at Georgia and the Georgian Mafia, which I found welcome and engaging. The villain, who is the right kind of sneaky scumbag, is a good fit. Best of all, of course, is the action itself, which is what we're all here for, except for a few strays who are once again accidentally watching a different genre than they deserve. The highlight is the very first action set-piece from the prison shot in one take, which not only has a thick atmosphere, insane tension, but also great choreography – I screamed and cried with excitement. The second action scene, the skyscraper ambush, is also excellent. The Georgians have awesome gear. It's a nicely organized and team action inferno where the atmospheric desperation works and Hemsworth makes great use of the setting (the gym was top notch). The finale is already more intimate compared to the rest (not too many enemies left), and it's mostly about seeing the two central rivals give each other a good thrashing – I appreciated the nice use of tools. It's raw, it's uncompromising, it's brutal, it's ball-busting. So my horniness for the film was duly and sufficiently satisfied. If I had anything to criticise, it was the annoying boy character, he bothered me a bit, and the visual effects and explosions had weaker CGI, but not too bad, and the story is perfectly adequate to the needs of the action genre. ()


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angol In a short span he suffers a gash in the arm, a screwdriver stuck in the side, here and there some shrapnel under the skin or a knife stab, multiple falls from various heights, fatalities by heavy blows to the arms and legs, and he just shakes it off and moves on. Silly me, I’ve always though the human body is made of bones, flesh and tissues, like they taught us in biology, my mistake, probably. Even Rambo suffered and blew on his wounds back in the day. Nowadays it’s different, heroes have adamantium bones like Wolverine. And here I was thinking that nothing could top stopping bullets with a jacket like in Wick, but now there's some serious competition. All right. Otherwise, nothing against Hemsworth, he's a charismatic guy and he's found himself in what he does; I wish him well, but modern action flicks are just not for me anymore. ()

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