Solomon (Djimon Hounsou), akit elválasztanak a családjától és arra kényszerítenek, hogy a gyémántmezőkön dolgozzon, egy nap különleges drágakövet talál, amit élete kockáztatásával elrejt, hogy az érte kapott pénzzel megmentse a családját. Archer (Leonardo DiCaprio), az exzsoldos tudomást szerez a kincsről és Mady Bowen (Jennifer Connelly) újságírónő közvetítésével Solomon mellé szegődik abban a reményben, hogy a kincs sikeres értékesítésével ő is jól jár és végre elhagyhatja Afrikát. A két ember sorsa végzetesen összefonódik az életveszélyes vállalkozás során. (InterCom)


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magyar A társadalmi dráma és az akció-kaland sikeres kombinációja. Feszült erőszakos jelenetek lebilincselő akciójelenetekkel váltakoznak, melyeket bensőséges párbeszédek csillapítanak - és ez a képlet újra és újra megismétlődik, ami miatt a Véres gyémánt film sajnos időnként hosszúnak és ismétlődőnek tűnik. Végeredményben azonban még mindig méltó képviselője a hollywoodi első osztályú filmkészítésnek, mint ahogy Edward Zwick szinte minden filmje. Ez pedig a gyönyörű látványnak, a vonzó környezetnek, a nagyszerű színészeknek és a sok igazán erős jelenetnek köszönhető. Különösen az utolsónak. ()


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angol Do not be fooled by the long exposition into an important and dangerous topic. What will follow is worth it. Edward Zwick proves that "The Last Samurai" was not just a coincidence. The harsh scenes of the ruthless R.U.F. group, Djimon Hounsou's breathtaking determination, and the uninterrupted tender love story symbolizing undying hope. Additionally, DiCaprio, as Danny Archer, is a properly angry Rambo, and the scene where he wades through muddy water in the camp amidst explosions and bullet salvos is an unexpected action thriller. Give "Blood Diamond" a chance, no matter what you think about the subject and genre. And it will hurt for Africa. ()



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angol The epic production design, brilliant technical side and the suitably booming soundtrack by James Newton Howard are the indisputable pluses here. The makers achieve the almost impossible for most of the movie, successfully balancing on the edge between an adventure movie in Romancing the Stone style, while also having enough time to highlight the problems in Sierra Leone, and perhaps most of the African continent. The action scenes are intense, and the dramatic storyline has balls. What prevents Blood Diamond from getting a better score is the closing quarter hour where the hitherto well-constructed characters turn into one-dimensional cutouts. Everything ends up as expected and we even get a moral at the end for those who managed not to understand what Zwick is saying the whole time using “movie language". An ending like that might be okay for family viewing, but in a politically engaged movie this is absolutely at odds with the rest of it. And that is doubly disappointing in a movie of this quality. ()


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angol Here, the current trends of an indictment of crooked deals with ostentatious goals, preferably set in Africa's own blood-plagued landscape, is blended into a reasonably intelligent spectacle that doesn't have the heavy-handedness of Hotel Rwanda, nor is it as uncompromising as The Constant Gardener. Nonetheless, it is fantastically shot (the run through the streets, or the final purge, are among the action highlights of the year) and still sensitive to the subject matter despite its more mainstream conception, and the acting is also very vital. This relates to more than DiCaprio, from whom it's kind of expected, but from the phenomenal Djimon Hounsou, with whom the viewer shares a plethora of emotions ranging from sadness to laughter to fierce anger. It is he who carries the film and without him, this perfectly polished piece of work would be only half as good. ()


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angol Visually, there is nothing to complain about. Every dollar of the 100 million budget is visible in the generous production design, Zwick is very good at action scenes, the two key ones, the massacre in Freetown and the attack on the RUF camp, are examples of great filmmaking. But the film fails in the story, which is an amalgamation of a poor attempt at some kind of overarching idea pointing out the pains of contemporary Africa, and a completely bland plot. It’s written according to the tried-and-tested formula of mainstream Hollywood productions, with a predictable plot and a lot of clichés, including a cheesy final phone call that definitely left my eyes dry. This is also because the script gives very little space to the emotional tension between Archer and Maddy, whose tears – thrill me, kill me – I simply didn't believe, and even the strong scenes (the training of small RUF adepts) get completely lost among the plot ballast. There was no deep lasting experience, only "watch it and forget after a while". Otherwise, Djimon Hounson's expressive performance was once again a pleasure, DiCaprio has finally manned up and stole some scenes (I could feel his suppressed anger at Hounson during a great scene with a hunted baboon) and his work with a machine gun during the attack on the RUF camp would be appreciated even by John Rambo :) ()

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