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Doron teams up with his former undercover unit when an old enemy who has targeted him for revenge also launches a more ambitious covert plan. (Netflix)

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az összes felhasználói recenzió (ehhez a tévésorozathoz)

angol The creators really surprised me. After a very well-managed first season, I was expecting a certain drop in quality, but the opposite was true. The second season came with a well-written script, the story had great atmosphere, brought plenty of suspense and excellent action scenes. The open ending was a clear invitation to watch the third season, so I was disappointed to find out how things are. Never mind, maybe it was for the best. ()


az összes felhasználói recenzió

angol I have to commend the artfully constructed script with so many twists, quite a large cast of interesting characters, the subtly built sinister tension and the uniquely balanced quality of both seasons, with the second season being slightly more emotional than the first. My only complaint concerns the rather unlikely denouement. (85%) ()


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