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Bradley Cooper és Robert De Niro a főszereplői a Csúcshatás című lebilincselő akcióthrillernek, amelyben egy sikertelen író életét fenekestül felforgatja egy szupertitkos "intelligens gyógyszer". Segítségével teljes agykapacitását kihasználja, és önmaga tökéletes verziójává válik. Rendkívüli képességeire azonban olyanok is felfigyelnek, akiket kétes szándékok vezérelnek, és hamarosan a túlélése a tét ebben az izgalmas és provokatív filmben. (Pro Video Film)


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magyar "Okos vagy, de ne ess abba a hibába, mint az okos emberek, akik azt hiszik, hogy senki sem lehet okosabb." Úgy induljál neki a Csúcshatás filmnek, mint egy jelentéktelen, szokásos márciusi thrillernek, amely nem engedhetett meg magának Bradley Cooper-nél nagyobb sztárt, és akkor üdítő kikapcsolódást kapsz, jó párbeszédekkel, ötletekkel a forgatókönyvben és a látványban is (a Google Streetview-es srácoknak van még hova fejlődniük), és főleg remek Cooper-rel, aki habozás nélkül egekbe viszi az izgalmas játékfilmet. Ráadásul, ha megkedveled Abbie Cornish-t, mint a fiatal Nicole Kidman-t, akkor nincs miért aggódnod. ()


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angol Limitless grows more stupid as the screenwriter runs out of pills. The idea on which the film is based is used skilfully at first and Burger succeeds in filling the holes in the logic (and in the chosen form of the narrative) with a boatload of optical effects. As the minutes pile up, the very simple initial situation begins to show signs of wearing thin until the people behind the camera seriously have no idea what else they can squeeze out of it (in the climax, they basically take a blind shot in the dark), at which point the film ends. The underused potential of the central premise is revealed by the cautious stab at politics just before the closing credits roll. If the plot had unfolded in this direction from the beginning, without the cheap subplot involving an Eastern European taxidermist desperately passed off as the main plot, Neil could have given us a nicely biting satire for our hour and forty minutes instead of another toothless thriller. 60% ()



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angol An incredibly inventive and technically-strong camera (those seamless vertigo "falls" through the city are the biggest treat I've seen since Enter The Void), the excellent Bradley Cooper, who shows the breadth of his acting portfolio, and a very interesting premise about a drug that unlocks the hidden potential of your brain. Thriller of the year? I'm afraid not. The script is only interesting until the opening scene is connected with retrospective storytelling, and from that moment on it is stretched, dull and completely devoid of the "dark side of power". If some pharmaceutical company's logo with the slogan "If you don’t take it you are missing out" lit up behind the dull resolution, I wouldn't be surprised. Unfortunately, the endgame messes up the whole thing and explains why Limitless can never step out of the circle and be truly riveting. The film is horribly modified, and instead of slashing into the living, it runs away through the screenwriting to trouble-free ends. I enjoyed it, but in this form, it's one of many... Despite the fact that Burger is undoubtedly a very handy craftsman. [65%] ()


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angol I wouldn't have expected such stylish and inventive entertainment from the author of the schematic The Illusionist. And in the case of Bradley Cooper, all I can say is that he has worked his way up from an extremely unlikable jock in Wedding Crashers to a dependable lead. Charisma combined with acting talent, I have no fear for Bradley’s future. ()


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angol A watchable film with entertaining formal tricks, but the script has a lot of problems. I was very annoyed by the main character behaving like an asshole all the time (and even more with the smart pill). Of course that made up drug can work in any way the creators see fit, so it’s pointless to look for any logic in its effect, but it still prevented me from fully enjoying the film. And either I didn’t understand its meaning, or the ending is utterly stupid. ()

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