Miután Brian és Mia kiszabadította Domot mielőtt börtönbe került volna, az egyik régi haverjuknál, Vince-nél húzzák meg magukat Rio de Janeiróban. Azt hiszik, sikerül kijátszaniuk a hatóságokat, ám Luke Hobbs szövetségi ügynököt kemény fából faragták. Egy bulldog szívósságával követi a nyomaikat az embereivel. Vince közben nagy bulit ajánl a pénztelen menekülőknek, amellyel azonban kivívják a korrupt üzletember, Reyes haragját. Dom tudja, ha ki akarnak szállni, le kell számolniuk az üldözőikkel. (UIP-Duna Film)


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magyar A sorozat a tinédzsereknek szóló tuning bemutatásból egy vérbeli akcióvá alakul át, ahol a motorok üvöltését elnyomja a géppisztolyok és sörétes puskák zaja. Egy jól összeszokott csapatot alkotó haverok akcióban, Rio de Janeiro vad dzsungele, egy meglepően tápláló és ambiciózus forgatókönyv, amely beárnyékolta Bay vitatott Bad Boys 2. - Már megint a rosszfiúk filmjét (amelyhez tematikailag sok tekintetben hasonlít). És főleg egy kiváló telitalálat The Rock személyében, aki tesztoszteronos csúcsra emelte a filmet. Egy 130 perces filmben három falkányi kemény, rosszarcú, menő verdákkal és nagy fegyverekkel felszerelt harcos áll egymással szemben, akik körül szexi csajok tüsténkednek. A műfajon belül kell ennél több? ()


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angol Hands down, the best episode of the series. Unfortunately, the overwrought pivotal action scene at the end, with a half demolished Rio and a massive vault behind two bulldozers, was too far beyond the edge of acceptability for my taste. And when they open their mouths in the non-action passages and the characters spout life's truths and wisdoms, even Mrs. Cliché and Stupidity run to hide behind the camera in terror, it was really hard to listen to. Thanks at least for Dwayne's character of Agent Hobbs, because you can never have enough of The Rock and his fist fight with Diesel, when the surrounding walls were collapsing like styrofoam backdrops, brought me out of my lethargy. ()



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angol The first film of the franchise that I watch, attracted by the very good reviews. What I got was precisely what I expected: very well made silliness. Some of the one-liners are funny, some are ridiculous. The action is pretty brutal, you can really feel the style and the energy, even if (especially by the end) it felt a little physically fairytale-like. It’s a watchable film and one of the best in the “summer action nonsense” category. ()


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angol This is the most honest bit of action in the last couple of seasons. After the demolitions of the digital Englishmen, the real stunt cars began to be destroyed at such a pace that Hollywood insurance people must have jumped out of their skin when they finally saw it. Lin manned up like few before him and fueled the tried-and-true blend of all the previous films, topping it off with the necessary octane by casting The Rock. Luke Hobbs, an overgrown, muscular beast, is brought in by an army transport special, and all hell breaks loose in a way that we would have looked for in vain in films that were originally about tuning, lots of nitro, and asses in tight shorts. Catchphrases can be heard all the time, there are some great action inserts, and then there is the fight we’ve wanted since Sylvester Stallone was rolled up by Steve Austin. The Diesel vs. Johnson fight is a physical bulldozer that breaks tables, knocks down walls, and still manages to exude that manly anger that such duels often lack. It all culminates in an action-packed ride through Rio de Janeiro that will have you running around like you did a year and a half ago in "Modern Warfare 2." An overflowing genre box. A regular aspirant for the Top 5 blockbusters of the year and a compliment to Lin. The Terminator idea suddenly looks very promising. ()


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angol An action-packed western with Rio instead of the Wild West, fast cars instead of horses and a drug kingpin instead of a railroad tycoon (the opening jump/fall into the water can be understood as picking up where Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid left off). The family subtext is needless and the action scenes are, to put it kindly, ridiculous, but if for no other reason (such as Gal Gadot), the heavy-duty confrontation between Diesel and the Rock prompts me to gladly forgive the film for its clumsy dialogue and disrespect for the laws of physics. A smarter spectacle would have come at the cost of leaving out the scene in which a ten-tonne safe attached to two racing cars cheerfully demolishes the streets of the Brazilian metropolis. Either take Fast Five with all of its testosterone-fuelled theatricality or forget that it even exists. 80% ()

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