Az 1930-as években Paul Edgecomb (Tom Hanks) cinikus és tapasztalt börtönőrként szolgál a siralomházban. Halálraítéltek utolsó napjainak szemtanújaként már nem érhetik meglepetések. Egész világfelfogása megrendül John Coffey (Michael Clarke Duncan) megérkeztével. Az óriás termetű fekete férfit kettős gyermekgyilkosságért ítélték halálra. A börtönőr visszaemlékezik a siralomház vendégeire. Coffey különös lényére, természetfeletti képességeire és beteges, durva őrtársaira. Ki is valójában az óriás halálraítélt és valóban bűnös-e? (Budapest Film)


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angol Stephen King is a genius. Frank Darabont is a genius. And whenever these two get together a perfect work of art comes to life that remains indelibly in the souls of those who see it. Similarly to The Shawshank Redemption, the story takes place in prison, more precisely in The Green Mile where those who were sentenced to death await execution. At the beginning of the story we meet old Paul Edgecombe who remembers the days of his youth and one of the prisoners. A person who had a wonderful gift. John Coffey (like coffee but spelled differently). And we become witnesses to one of the most touching story of all times. ()


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angol Darabont stepped into the same river for the second time. After The Shawshank Redemption he made another film with a prison setting, and again based on a Stephen King novel. And again great. Not, great, brilliant! When I walked out of the cinema, I was like drunk. At home, I was jumping up and down with delight that I had seen the best film of my life. Now, in hindsight, my emotions have cooled, but I definitely rank The Green Mile among the most remarkable films of recent years. ()



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angol Michael Mann has "Time is luck," Tom Hanks has "Earn it." Within the span of two years, Hanks starred in two similarly phenomenal films where the setting plays second fiddle, because the main role was a well-lived life. However, while in Saving Private Ryan he plays the rescuer, in The Green Mile he is the one being rescued. Frank Darabont has a masterful ability to work with emotions, doing so in a simple and understandable way (with music, editing and directing actors), yet it is not simplistic or overly sentimental with a carpet bombing approach towards the viewers. The film is full of nuances and grand gestures, from which everyone can take what they personally prefer. ()


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angol Paul Edgecomb meets John Coffey and I have no idea that the most painful film I have ever seen awaits me. Unbelievable power throughout the entire runtime and a climax that I watched in awe, unable to catch my breath. There are not many films that have touched me more deeply, and yet I'm not sure if I could emotionally handle a second viewing. Every actor's performance is extraordinary, and another brilliant film by Frank Darabont that surpasses even the emotionally escalating source material by King. ()


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angol I consider The Green Mile one of the most beautiful dramas I've ever seen. It is guaranteed to make me cry and thrill me every time. The prison theme is really thin ice, it's just that Frank Darabont knows it like nobody else and prefers quality over quantity. The cast is also impeccable! A wonderful film that everyone must see. ()

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