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3DD!3Fallout - Season 1(2024) 

The good, the bad, the ugly... Fallout mode. It's got pace, it's got cynical humor, it's got bloody action, and it's got a very timely theme. Walton Goggins is impeccable in both timelines and he also has the most… (több)

MrHladOrszágúti diszkó(2024) 

Eighties classics, Jake Gyllenhaal on top form a solid cast, Doug Liman behind the camera, and Prime Video as a streaming service that goes toe-to-toe with these guys... the result? Well, let's just say it fell short of… (több)

GoldbeaterOrszágúti diszkó(2024) 

I love the original Road House. Strip it of the 80's charm, the sex appeal, the fighting philosophy, the brutality; swap the charmingly oblivious overkill for self-awareness, swap the practical effects for repulsive… (több)