Philip K. Dick kultikus sci-fi novelláját Paul Verhoeven álmodta vászonra olyan színészek közreműködésével, mint Arnold Schwarzenegger, Sharon Stone és Michael Ironside. 2084-ben járunk, Doug Quaid (Schwarzenegger) minden éjjel a Marsról álmodik - és egy ismeretlen nőről. Úgy dönt a Rekall nevű új, virtuális utazási iroda segítségével megajándékozza magát egy, a vörös bolygón eltöltött vakáció mesterséges emlékével. A rutinnak tűnő folyamatba azonban hiba csúszik, és a férfinak egészen a Marsig kell utaznia, hogy kiderítse, mi a képzelet és mi a valóság, de legfőképpen azt, hogy kicsoda is 6 valójában. (Bontonfilm)


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angol This whole Dick adaptation has one little hitch. Namely that they didn’t cast a more restrained actor than Arnie for the main role. I like him a lot, but he doesn't really fit into the paranoid adaptation of Dick's work with his character, even though he tries his best. Otherwise, everything is as it should be. Pace, effects, direction, and vision of the future. Along with the unbeatable Blade Runner, this is clearly the best movie adaptation of P. K. Dick. ()


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angol In a nutshell, Total Recall is a great movie. I'd even go so far as to say that after Blade Runner, it's the best film adaptation of a Dick novel, this time with a superb performance by the brilliantly perverse Paul Verhoeven. His direction is dynamic and his relish in lots of blood and violence that is typical of him is irresistible in a way. The story is properly Dick-esque, dark with an ambiguous ending and that's how it should be. The visual effects are fantastic for their time and were deservedly rewarded with an Oscar. And I must not forget to highlight Jerry Goldsmith's imaginative soundtrack, which is impossible not to listen to and which is one of the best that the Master has composed. A sci-fi gem for the connoisseurs. ()



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angol Sometimes, all a successful sci-fi movie needs is to set up the scenery and intensify the music. Verhoeven takes a somewhat questionable approach, unleashing his twisted taste and giving Arnie the feeling that he is playing a cleverly packaged game against all the evil members of society. No, this is not the way. Blood fits in Robocop, and dealing with an unconventional marital crisis fits in a more open satire. ()


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angol The 1990s brought a lot of good things (like me :-D), but this sci-fi is not one of them, at least for me. Terrible sets (even sci-fi from previous years had a much better idea of the future), a story that really scrapes, music that likely didn't even make it to my ears. The only plus is Arnold's accent... Unfortunately, this cult didn't enchant me and left me cold. But definitely check it out – if there’s at least two of you – it will bring a little education. :-) ()


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angol Originally, I had four stars when I reminisced about the premiere in theaters a few years ago. Now I watched it again and I have moved on somewhat, and the overt B-movie popcorn simplicity bothers me now. The film reminds me of cheap mainstream adventure comics with sci-fi themes, which still lie in my library and shaped my taste at a certain time, but nowadays I read and watch something different. The classic sci-fi theme of P.K. Dick's version has little in common with Verhoeven's version, but it is appropriately action-packed, filled with chases, shootings, and bloody fights, so for a viewer who is not compelled to think, it is a joyride. Verhoeven traditionally does not shy away from brutal scenes, so fans can enjoy severed hands and blasted human bodies and protruding entrails. Nevertheless, it is one of the few better films where Arnold Schwarzenegger appears in the lead role. Though his performance here is not outstanding, he also does not descend into silliness. Overall impression: 55%. The film's strong point is the production design, which even after years does not feel outdated and was top-notch at the time of the film's release. A colorful sci-fi spectacle for teenagers. ()

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