Susanne owns a fashion photography studio. Her favourite model, Doris, has just broken off her engagement to Palle, a student. When Susanne has to go to Gothenburg to take a series of photographs with Doris as model, she uses the opportunity to telephone Henrik Lobelius, and asks him to meet her. Susanne has been Lobelius´ mistress and she cannot forget him. During the twenty-four hours the two girls spend in Gothenburg, Susanne meets Lobelius, but realises what a coward he is. His wife surprises them at the hotel and after a violent scene proves conclusively that Henrik is tied hand and foot to her. When Susanne returns home she is cured of her dreams of a great love affair. Doris also arrives back in Stockholm dejected. She has had a depressing episode with an elderly consul who has offered her jewels and expensive clothes merely to attract her companionship. The consul´s daughter arrives on the scene and attacks her father´s egotism. Doris, it transpires, is strikingly reminiscent of the consul´s insane wife in her youth. When Doris returns to the studio, she is glad to throw herself into Palle´s arms. (forgalmazó hivatalos szövege)


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angol I prefer to watch Bergman's more depressing films, but even the somewhat lighter Dreams has an undeniable quality, as does almost all of his extensive oeuvre. In addition, the film is adorned with great performances by the leads Eva Dahlbeck and Harriet Andersson. ()


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angol A lightly constructed story about the disillusionment of two women, a young naive model Doris and her boss Susanne. During a business trip to Gothenburg, they argue about their dreams and ideas about men and happiness. With the exception of a few very suffocating scenes, Bergman chooses a rather light to comedic perspective, works easily with thoughts, provides very nice points with individual episodes, but still failed to overly draw me into the world of both protagonists. Perhaps I was bothered by the intentionally naive and superficial styling... Maybe I just didn't like the overall mood of the film. In any case, I consider Dreams to be a weaker part of the master's filmography. ()


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