Cornelius, a rather precious music critic, visits the summer residence of Felix, a distinguished cellist, in order to write his biography, and finds himself surrounded by a bevy of women, each of whom is obviously the mistress of the great musician. He is refused permission to see Felix, and grows more and more exasperated and compromised. Eventually, he threatens not to write the biography. But when Felix makes his appearance at a concert, he dies before he can play a note. Cornelius is just reading his draft of the biography to Jillker, Tristan and the ladies, when a down-at-heel young cellist arrives at the mansion. A room is immediately prepared for him, and Cornelius reaches for his notebook... (forgalmazó hivatalos szövege)


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angol "For censorship reasons, the act of love is depicted as follows." Or how I found the only film in Bergman's filmography that really pleased me. Just a bit more. So many women together in the presence of Jarl Linder is a gentle joy. ()


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angol Regarding this pseudo-comedy, it is clearly visible how reviewers are influenced by the well-known and highly valued name of the director. If an unknown director had made a similar film, it would certainly have a rating of less than 50% and possibly hover around 40%. It is, indeed, by far the weakest film I have seen from Bergman so far. The comedy has a promising theme, but the execution is decidedly weak. Simply put, it is not funny. If the funniest part is supposed to be the sentence that a cellist must primarily be able to spread her legs, then it's a disaster. The film attempts to imitate classical French farce and American slapstick, but it all falls flat. It is influenced by theatrical mannerisms, the dialogues lack creativity, and where there should be wit, there is only awkwardness. Overall impression: 25%. ()


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