"Csak semmi cicó, nálam a slukker!" - teszi le névjegyét elfuserált bankrablása nyitányaként a törékeny, félszeg baltimore-i srác, Virgil Starkwell, aki 25 éves korára azzal teszi magát hírhedtté, hogy öt álnév alatt tartja nyilván a rendőrség. Tanulmányai helyett kényszerűségből adta bűnözésre a fejét, hogy magát és kis családját is eltarthassa, hamar bebizonyosodik azonban a bűnelkövetésre való tökéletes alkalmatlansága… (MTVA)


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angol I like Woody when he plays the clumsy intellectual (because I can easily relate to him :-P), but I have a problem when he plays a moron, which is the case with Take the Money and Run. His début is not precisely a cavalcade of fun, many of the gags are predictable, especially in the end. It left me with rather mixed feelings. If it was split into two twenty-minute episodes of a comedy series, it would be better, after all, it’s nothing but a series of comedy scenes. ()


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angol For Woody Allen fans, it is an infinite pleasure to watch how the dialogue, gags, and overall atmosphere are polished in his first purely authorial film. I would probably be disappointed if it were just a gangster parody, so I had to start laughing when Janet Margolin appeared on the screen for the first time and Woody began teasing her with sweet words, and later explained in voiceover how he feels when he is with her. I am infinitely glad that he has maintained this explanation throughout his career. ()



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angol A very unworked and wild mixture of humorous sketches, which are similar to Monty Python with exaggerated absurdity and the stupidly exalted voice of the narrator. The result is a sequence of stories, which for the most part are well-thought-out and realized, and a frail story skeleton, from which it is all too evident that it is just a hanger for Allen's social and film-parody humor. ()

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