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A 6 Oscar-díjas sikerfilmjük, a Kalifornia álom után Ryan Gosling és a rendező Damien Chazelle újra összefogtak: filmre viszik a lebilincselő történetet, amelynek középpontjában a NASA missziója áll, hogy embert küldjenek a holdra. A zsigeri, szubjektív krónika Neil Armstrong 1961 és 1969 közti időszakára koncentrál, és James R. Hansen könyve alapján készült. A film feltárja, milyen áldozatokat követelt Armstrongtól és a nemzettől a történelem egyik legveszélyesebb küldetése. (UIP-Duna Film)


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angol Damien Chazelle is one of the most interesting young filmmakers of our time, and I don't know if Whiplash or La La Land is better. Anyway, with these two films he has shown that he is not going to be stuck in one single genre, so I was looking forward to the Neil Armstrong biopic and the story of the conquest of the moon. In part, I got exactly what I expected and wanted: a technically perfect film that suits the IMAX big screen, has great cinematography and a sound design that makes you feel scared during the Apollo 11 launch like a regular horror movie. It's great to watch, but Chazelle tries to tell perhaps too many things surrounding the event, and there are just too many stories of pilots, engineers and families. So much so that a lot of them fizzle out and don't lead anywhere substantial plot-wise, or have as much emotional impact as they might have wanted. Overall, though, this is still a must-see film, and preferably in the best and biggest theater possible. There, First Man can be compared to Gravity or Interstellar, at least technically. ()


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angol What comes to mind is of course a comparison with Interstellar, Gravity or, God forbid (the premise!) Apollo 11. In the first two instances, the similarities are visual while in the third case they relate to the plot. However, The First Man is still a unique film, by which Damien Chazelle managed to blow the minds of everyone who were looking forward to a typical action flick with everything it entails. Because The First Man is everything but an action flick, even though it is full of suspense. My only regret is that this film is too long. Certain dialogues could’ve used some cutting. I however liked looking at Neil Armstrong with his own eyes. Naturally the most visually compelling part of the film is its second half that beautifully shows Apollo 11 landing on the Moon. It almost makes you think that the director and cameraman actually landed on the Moon again to take these breathtaking shots. I can imagine that watching this in a cinema must be absolutely fantastic. Ryan Gosling is of course a great choice. I didn’t think he would come unprepared for his role of Neil Armstrong. Moreover, the political debates revolving around NASA were a welcome bonus. ()



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angol A monthly Elegy. A film that is much more about fatherhood than space exploration. After all, it is just a place where our thin and frail shells throw away their sadness and anxiety. Nothing took me apart this year like First Man. A virtuoso mosaic of sharp, detailed, claustrophobic fragments in super 16 and IMAX width, which perfectly flushed out my sensory receptors. Gosling can channel melancholy with his eyes, and Claire Foy's performance is stronger than gravity. This is what Interstellar was supposed to be. For me, this the greatest film experience of 2018 and the perfect reparation for La La Land. ()


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angol It's probably going to get snubbed at the Oscars, given the audience ignorance and the politics the Academy has set in recent years, but for me, this is the Movie Of The Year. A technically extremely precise piece of work and at the same time an emotional ride that gives you goosebumps in the last act. In fact, I can't remember the last time a film with a scientific basis has grounded me like this. Perhaps Zemeckis's Contact, twenty long years ago. Gosling as a man who has to suppress his emotions and think coldly and rationally, otherwise he couldn't do his job, is totally accurate as an actor. At the other pole, Claire Foy is a geyser of emotion, and Hurwitz's music is energetic and intimate at the same time. This is going to be the pride of my blu-ray collection. PS: Unfortunately, there are mental gimps among us, such as the "greatest horror expert" Psychor, who vulgarly disparage human agency bought with sweat and blood. I don't know, couldn't these individuals just die so they don't poison our air? ()


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angol At first glance, this is an odyssey bordering on a thriller: stark, direct, and overwhelming, where I honestly don't understand how the same Damien Chazelle who beautifully dreamed and overflowed with romantic ideas in La La Land is now sitting in the director's chair. In the narrative establishing shot, there is a pure insight into a man's painful soul, at first just wandering, then palpable, then ultimately irreversible – and that is such a force in a silent moonlit landscape that it outshines even the formally perfect aerial sequences. Ryan Gosling's unfathomable gaze into emptiness hasn't been such a good fit in a long time. ()

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