La frusta e il corpo

  • Franciaország Le Corps et le fouet (több)


The controversial horror/fantasy film about a 19th century nobleman (Lee) who is ostracized from his village after being convicted of whipping a local girl to near-death. Soon after he's found dead, but his spirit returns as an apparition which proceeds to haunt the ancestral castle. He finds that his fiance (Lavi) has now married his brother while acting as a mistress to their father. In retaliation, the ghostly form viscously flogs the woman, only to discover she's a sadomasochist who actually enjoys the cruel treatment! (forgalmazó hivatalos szövege)


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angol It seems that gothic Italy works on me much better than gothic England. I really love the way Italian filmmakers play with colours. At times, the castle walls are red, then they are green… that helps a lot with the atmosphere. Add to that a demonic Christopher Lee and the result is very nicely above average – though weaker than, for instance, Kill, Baby, Kill, but still worth it. ()

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