Lisa e il diavolo

Horror / Misztikus
Olaszország / Német Szövetségi Köztársaság / Spanyolország, 1973, 95 perc


Lisa (Elke Sommer) - an American tourist travelling in Spain - loses her tour party and seeks refuge in the tumbledown mansion of a blind countess after being guided there by the distinctly satanic butler of the house, Leandro (Telly Savalas). The Son of the Countess notices Lisa's striking resemblance to his dead lover and pursues her as a night of murder, strange eroticism and dark hallucinations begins. (Arrow Films)


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angol Lisa and the Devil certainly doesn't belong to the very best of what Bava has directed, but it's still a film that deserves attention, partly because of how peculiar it is. Telly Savalas, with his lollipop, is quite demonic, and his character works well. Elke Sommer seemed a bit stiff to me, but it's mainly the camera, music, and set design that create the atmosphere of this peculiar film. ()

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