Still recovering from a pair of tragic and traumatic bereavements, Jane Baker (Bernice Stegers) moves into a new apartment in New Orleans. The owner's son, Robert, is blind - but that doesn't stop him hearing what Jane gets up to. It sounds like she's resumed her passionate affair with her lover, Fred. Except that Fred died a year ago. (88 Films)


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angol Some revelations in this film are truly appropriately dark. When you find out what's in the freezer, it shocks you, just like the blind man who is the metaphorical thread running through it all. It's as if he had no influence on the plot, but had to observe everything through his ears and touch alone. Macabre is an excellent bizarre piece that certainly deserves attention in Italian horror history. It's not a classic giallo, but it has its elements, especially the pervasive atmosphere of madness. ()

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