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Egyesült Államok / Japán / Franciaország / Olaszország, 1992, 143 perc


Charlie Chaplin (könyv)


Bryan Forbes, William Goldman, William Boyd


Sven Nykvist


John Barry


Robert Downey Jr., Dan Aykroyd, Geraldine Chaplin, Paul Rhys, Anthony Hopkins, John Thaw, Milla Jovovich, Moira Kelly, Kevin Kline, Diane Lane (több)
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Director Richard Attenborough's well-crafted portrait traces Chaplin's impoverished London upbringing, extraordinary success as an actor and director, his troubled marriages, scandalous affairs, shocking exile to Switzerland and his triumphant return to Hollywood. (forgalmazó hivatalos szövege)

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angol A meticulous reconstruction of the famous comedian's life. Richard Attenborough tells the story through flashbacks, detailing his impoverished childhood, peak fame, and personal troubles and entanglements with women. The opening ten minutes are very strongly reminiscent of the beginning of Once Upon a Time in America with their retro atmosphere, melodic music and meticulous production design, and although Chaplin entertains a little less after the film bridges into the middle section, where we primarily see the successes and all manner of romantic adventures, Attenborough still maintains a high standard, strong narrative value and artfully composes a tribute to the legend. ()


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angol Without a doubt Downey's best role and one of the best biopic performances of all time. His transformation is perfect. Great, Mr Attenborough, great, and that cast of supporting actors – what a stellar cast, let me tell you. ()


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