Touching drama involving a single mother of two boys who falls blindly in love with a charming yet enigmatic man. As their love affair grows, the boys watch their lives crumble as the mother becomes increasingly irresponsible. A teenager (Christopher Collet) and his kid brother (Corey Haim) spar with their mother's shady new boyfriend (Peter Weller) in this dramatic thriller from veteran British director Michael Apted. Teri Garr stars as the young divorced mother, trying to balance her relationship with her kids and her drifter boyfriend. The boys think they see the man for what he is and need to somehow save their mother from his clutches. The stellar cast includes future superstars Robert Downey Jr. and Sarah Jessica Parker. (Cinemax)


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angol Firstborn is a promising family drama-thriller based on the performance of the great Peter Weller, who could have stolen the whole movie for himself, whether he has a role as a hero or villain, however, it all fails as a relatively compromised movie with a safe conclusion. The makers should have pushed the envelope much more, in a slightly more horror guise this movie could have become a classic horror. However, this is merely a respectably made drama, which could possibly be interesting for audiences due to the supporting cast including a young Robert Downey Jr. and Sarah Jessica Parker, rather than for its adequate suspense and a good approach to the subject matter concerning the breakdown of a dysfunctional family. ()

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