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Riggs (Mel Gibbson) és Murtaugh (Danny Glover) nyomozót bízzák meg Leo Getz (Joe Pesci) felügyeletével. Leo könyvelőként kreativitását arra használta, hogy tisztára mosson közel fél billió, drogüzletből származó dollárt. A két detektív nem is sejti, hogy a pénz nagy része, ami Leo közreműködésével vált legálissá, attól a szervezettől származik, melynek felszámolásán dolgoznak. A rossz fiúk persze mindenképpen el akarják tüntetni Leót és az őrzésére kirendelt két rendőrt is. A nyomok egy nagykövethez vezetnek, akinek gyönyörű asszisztense végzetesen rabul ejti Riggs-et. (InterCom)


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angol My favorite Lethal Weapon of all. It’s even better in all ways than the superb part one. The jokes are first-rate, the screenplay is more elaborate, darker, has great momentum and even a tragic romantic storyline. And Mel Gibson and Danny Glover are at very least just as good as last time. That’s exactly what a part two should be like. ()


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angol I really can’t decide whether this one is better than the first. The action and humour are on a very similar level, as are the perfect dialogues and the sinister villain, but there is something that makes this sequel even more entertaining and lively, and it's definitely the character of Joe Pesci, who throws one catchphrase after another and thanks to him, even an otherwise quite bland car chase is an unforgettable experience. I could go on and on with all sorts of superlatives about this film, but it wouldn't be worth much, because..... IF YOU DON’T SEE IT, YOU WON'T UNDERSTAND IT:-) So I'll just write simply BRILLIANT!!!! ()



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angol More entertaining, more action-packed, with a beautiful Riggs girl and overall at least one star better than the bland original. The villains this time are not tough guys with marine tattoos on their arms, but their weapons are definitely worth mentioning – the fantastic toilet bomb combined with diplomatic immunity is a truly a powerful combination. The photos have been replaced with sad memories, and as the icing on the cake, there is the verbose Joe Pesci in the role of Leo Getz, who definitely doesn't belong to comedic roles, but that doesn't mean he can't play them. Let's be honest, in gangster movies, it's something different. Nevertheless, this sequel is unusually functional, even though it's essentially still the same thing. ()


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angol The second installment is perhaps even better, or at least just as good as the first one. Here, the duo of Gibson and Glover is perfectly in sync, and their harmony works so well that you just get carried away by them. They're funny, they're action-packed, they're tough, and you just root for them to come out on top. It is more focused on humor, but the action is there too. And the villain here is really excellent. ()


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angol Riggs and Murtnagh took everything essential into the second film – vulgar and infectiously adolescent humor, deliciously desolate gags, a decent story and perfect action sequences. And, of course, their main protagonists, who are the main spice of the film – self-liquidating lunatic Gibson forms a really explosive duo with the old fart Glover, which won't bore you. In addition, the writers cooked them some really delicious delicacies to play with (the famous scene with Murtangh's toilet, condom commercials and other "silliness"). Lethal Weapon 2 is simply one of the best "cop films" in history and as an action crime (comedy) film, it cannot disappoint. ()

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