Wade Porter, a szerető családapa, aki előtt fényes jövő áll, hirtelen mindent elveszít, amikor véletlenül megöli a rablót, aki betör az otthonába. A gyilkosságért elítélt Wade-nek a következő három évet egy szigorított fegyintézetben kell eltöltenie, ahol a társadalmi szabályok többé nem érvényesek. Amikor közös cellába kényszerítik a hírhedt tömeggyilkossal, valamint el kell szenvednie a szadista börtönőr által levezényelt kínzásokat, Wade rájön, hogy élet-halál harcot kell vívnia a "legkeményebb elítélt" címért - csak így élheti túl a börtönt. (AMC Hungary)


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angol An exceptional crime drama, primarily due to the outstanding performances by Stephen Dorff and Val Kilmer in an unusual role. Ric Roman Waugh approaches the prison theme in a very unique fashion and in no way tries to create another Shawshank Redemption, although some attributes naturally remain the same. The prison setting is portrayed very solidly and everything feels believable, including the interconnectedness of family relationships. The ending is impactful and the voiceover is very emotional. Although Felon may not gain widespread recognition, it has its qualities. ()


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angol I accept this as a low-demand stylish genre film, but I strongly reject the idea that it is some kind of deep analytical probe into the state of the American prison system and at the same time a strong and convincing psychological drama. I don't have exaggerated visions of American incarceration, which has largely passed into the hands of private companies that try to maximize profits at the expense of their sheep. It is exaggerated, filmed for effect, and emotionally manipulative, as is often the case in this current of American film productions. Brutality from the guards is purposeless, and a whole series of scenes would not stand up to a realistic approach. But as I mentioned above, if it comes to entertainment, it will certainly not offend, and as a low-budget B-movie, it is definitely a bullseye from the creative team. Overall impression: 60%. ()



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angol Let's revisit together how things work in American prisons without exaggeration and without leaving anything out. The cells are always dank and cold, the inmates horny and racially intolerant, the guards prone to brutalise and humiliate the defenceless, and the protagonist, of course innocent and benevolent, finds support in an experienced fellow inmate who has somehow worked his way through his guilt to a better self. Although Felon is far from bad, the actors play it for dear life and the story doesn't give a moment to breathe, all the accumulated clichés and the sense of déjà vu hidden behind every word and twist unfortunately prevent me from rating it higher this time. But good job anyway :) 70% ()

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