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A Monty Python társulat legcsípõsebb és legelmésebb szatírája a keresztény és a zsidó vallás, valamint a hollywoodi filmeposzok elé állít görbe tükröt. 33-ban járunk. Júdeában a gõgös rómaiak próbálnak rendet teremteni, kevés sikerrel. A változás szele fújdogál: csak úgy nyüzsögnek itt a megváltók és a bennük feltétel nélkül hívõk. A kavarodás közepén Brian Cohen áll, aki egy betlehemi istállóban született, és akit a sorozatos véletleneknek köszönhetõen az új messiásnak hisznek. (Fórum Home Entertainment)


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angol My first ever encounter with the work of the famous Monty Python ensemble, and as I see it, perhaps my last. The gentlemen around Terry Jones have a really interesting and wacky sense of humour, one that is far from mine. When I think about the film in hindsight, all that comes to mind is the lisp of Caesar and the final song “Always Look On The Bright Side Of Life”, those are the only things that really made me laugh out loud. Otherwise, a surprisingly dull affair and one of my biggest film disappointments so far. ()


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angol After Holy Grail, I decided not to watch any more Monty Python movies. But then I ran out of comedies and had the opportunity to watch The Life of Brian, so I decided to give it a try. To be honest, I must say that when I was actually paying attention to the movie, watching for all the history allusions and catchphrases, I had a lot of fun. And maybe if Monty Python was my life in the same way it is for many of their fans, I might’ve had even more fun. Anyhow, this is no simple entertainment with which you’d just switch your brain off and enjoy the chill-out atmosphere. This movie contains so many references that getting them all in one go might not even be possible. Anyway, I’ll be completely honest and say that I had fun. And when given the chance, I will rewatch this movie in the future, because the absurdity of this parody of Jesus Christ’s life is great. And I must apologize to Monty Pythons for wronging them before. ()



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angol Life of Brian is the culmination of Monty Python's work and one of the best comedies ever created. After finishing Holy Grail, the group members decided that they could now take some risks and touch on sensitive areas of religious faith and politics. The script was developed at the end of 1977 in Barbados, where all the group members gathered, and then they tried to offer it to EMI, which produced Holy Grail. According to the studio management, it was a blasphemous film and Monty Python had a difficult time finding money for their project, although the budget was a laughable 4 million dollars by today's standards. It was filmed in Tunisia and, after long negotiations, Graham Chapman, who was a heavy alcoholic at the time, was cast in the main role. The plot is a parody paraphrase of the birth of a legend on which Christianity spread, and at the same time a parody of modern politics from colonialism to national liberation struggle and terrorism. The film caused very angry reactions from church circles and was banned in many places. These reactions meant that the film was eventually shown with greater success than the Monty Python crew expected. Monty Python states that some cities banned the film from being shown, even though they did not have movie theaters. It is one of the timeless legends of the comedy genre, where fans laugh again and again at the madness of the characters and scenes and enjoy the final song on the cross. Overall impression: 100%. ()


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angol A brilliant comedy through which the entire Circus has booked a spot in the hottest place in hell. The Bible of all vulgar heretics (right, Shnoff?), the Bible of those who like to laugh at everything... and the Bible. Those who are blameless, throw a stone at them, but if you are a woman, be careful not to let your beard fall off! A summary of beautifully-touted jokes that can offend apparently all believers of all faiths. But so what? Even if they crucify you, follow the first and only commandment: "Always look at the bright side of life". That's Monty Python's religion, that's a religion I always like to kneel to! Amen. ()


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angol The very first thing I ever saw from Monty Python back in prehistoric times.... And I've been sticking with them ever since, and I keep thanking them for making my life a living hell. Despite all this, I can't comment meaningfully on Life of Brian, let alone pick my favorite scenes - I'd have to rewrite the entire script here. ()

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