Csehszlovákia / Német Szövetségi Köztársaság, 1985, 53 perc


A modern version of the medieval German legend about a rat-catcher that punishes the sinful and insolent town Hammeln. It is one of the most complex animated film ever shot. The original legend serves only as a basis for a completely new, exceptional art piece from both artistic and film point of view. (forgalmazó hivatalos szövege)

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angol Perfect in every way. I used to be scared of The Pied Piper. Today it "just" gives me chills, but it has lost none of its impact. The puppets are flawless (I'm still amazed at how lifelike the animated rats look), the direction is extremely imaginative, the music is unique... And the story, in short, is a classic of the most classic kind that still has something to say. ()


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angol This is an excellent puppet film that revives the Pied Piper myth with the same force as Dyk's novel. The beautiful artwork, set in a somber and prolonged gothic mood, is bound to stay in your mind. A beautiful story in an enchanting setting. ()



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angol A masterpiece by Jiří Barta and one of the pinnacles of Czech animated filmmaking, based on the novella of the same name by Viktor Dyk. This dark work is underscored by excellent music. The foundation of its success lies in the artistically remarkable puppets and simple animation, but most importantly in the screenplay, which leverages the atmosphere of a medieval Hanseatic town. The feeling of moral decay is evident in every movement of the puppets and in every image of the omnipresent rats. It is an almost perfect example of the horror genre within animated film. Overall impression: 100%. ()


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angol The uncompromisingly gloomy atmosphere, which perfectly corresponds with the legendary story, is mainly the result of the irresistibly decadent sets, excellent music (Pavlíček's "Pied Piper guitar theme" is perfect), and last but not least the great puppets. Despite their very expressive form the puppets perfectly express emotions and the relevant characters (the Pied Piper himself is a very charismatic piece of wood). Regardless, I’m beginning to understand why, as a little kid, I preferred to avoid classic Czech puppet animation - there really isn't much in it for children. ()

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