Lucky Luke és a nagyváros

Animációs / Vígjáték / Western
Belgium / Franciaország, 1971, 71 perc


A vadnyugaton felépül a szorgalmas telepesek városa, Daisy Town, miután sikerül egyezséget kötni az indiánokkal. Minden rendben is lenne, ha nem jelennének meg a környéken a rabló Dalton fivérek. Lucky Luke a seriff és hűséges beszélő lova, Jolly Jumper feladata lesz, hogy helyreállítsák a környék nyugalmát. (Best Hollywood)

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angol This animated tale was shown at Easter yeas ago, and I remember that it was an entertaining cartoon that didn't disgrace the paper version. You can't expect any crap from Asterix creator Rene Goscinny. ()


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angol "Why are you mouthing off when the dance of death is being played? Are you prisoners?" Great fun, comparable to the adventures of Asterix. There's an idea or a joke in every scene, but my favorite scenes were and still are the Indians painting themselves with war paint and the preparations for a four-against-one fight, which parodied Sergio Leone back in the days when it was far from a necessity in western parodies. And the film has excellent original Czechoslovak dubbing (František Němec as Lucky Luke, narrated by Vladimír Brabec and Jaroslav Moučka as the idiot Dalton)! ()



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angol A film that will get children excited and put adults in a pleasant mood. Excellent animated classic as a parody of the Wild West. Just as live-action films have Lemonade Joe, animated films have Lucky Luke. Lots of jokes, stylized characters familiar from live-action westerns, parodied clichés, and references to American pop culture. I have to give it a full rating just for the hallucinogenic scene full of musical numbers. Overall impression: 95%. ()


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angol It's nowhere near Ballad and the animation isn't the most perfect, but it's still an entertaining spectacle with a hilarious foursome of main villains. For example, the scene when they are waiting for the duel is flawless and not even a feature western would be ashamed of it... ()

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