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angol Director Zbyněk Brynych was only an average Czech filmmaker, but I, Justice is probably his best film after Transport from Paradise. It is simply easier to film strong dramatic material. The ethical problem of guilt and punishment is resolved in a Čapek-like style, highlighted by the acting performance of Karel Höger. He had numerous experiences with portraying similar psychologically demanding roles in the theater and was ideally suited for the character of a doctor facing a moral dilemma. The film addresses the question of whether revenge can be a starting point for punishment, even for the greatest criminal, and concludes that a victim driven by hatred can end up in an equally immoral position as the perpetrator. If I set aside the dramatically strong theme, the execution is not that dazzling. Today, I, Justice is a forgotten film from Czech history. Overall impression 60%. ()


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angol I had no idea this film existed until the TV release. And yet it's essentially a gem. Who would have ever thought that a story about Hitler, who survived the war and became a prisoner without knowing it himself, would be produced in the Czech Republic? The atmosphere of I, Justice is very strong, and I was impressed by the excellent dialogues, the actors with the great Karl Höger and the precise Fritz Dietz in the lead, Brynych's psycho-direction and the whole sterile, cold mood. Scenes of the "speech", "execution by guillotine" and the ending with a chilling point are unforgettable. I'm rounding up three and a half stars. ()


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