Dráma / Misztikus / Sci-Fi / Thriller
Egyesült Államok, 1997, 153 perc


Ellie Arroway (Jodie Foster), a megszállott csillagász megingathatatlanul hisz abban, hogy nem vagyunk egyedül az univerzumban. Meggyőződését igazolandó fáradhatatlanul kutatja a világegyetemből érkező rádiójeleket, bár a tudóstársadalom megvetéssel és ké Egy napon azonban a távoli Vega csillag irányából rádióüzenetet fog, melyet a világ minden sarkából összesereglett tudósok fejtenek meg. Remény és rettegés lesz úrrá mindenkin, hiszen amit az emberiség kapott egy intergalaktikus utazásra alkalmas jármű A kérdés szakértője az eddig lenézett Ellie lesz, ám az őt megillető elismerésért még mindig harcolnia kell. Egyetlen ember áll ki mellette: Palmer Joss (Matthew McConaughey), a megbecsült vallásos tudós, aki mellesleg a nő szerelme is volt évekkel ezelőt (InterCom)


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angol A smartly written story that seems so believable that it could easily happen tomorrow. It perfectly fulfils the meaning of the term SCIENCE-fiction. I've read the book by Carl Sagan, but the movie is even better, strange as that it might sound. BTW, Johny_MH, you are wrong. Contact was not a flop, it made over 100 million in the US, here it fizzled out without much interest. I guess it’s because audiences are not very interested in sci-fi unless there’s cosmic crap and laser beams. I saw it in the cinema on a wide screen and it was my greatest cinematic experience of the year. ()


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angol A pleasant sci-fi film that managed to arouse in me an acute and impatient curiosity to know what would happen next, what kind of truths about alien civilisations would be revealed (this is something that the mythology episodes of X-Files manage to do regularly). Pity that weird and long ending. ()



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angol I really loved Contact from the very first moment and it did not stop amazing me to the very end. Carl Sagan's name as the author of the original is a guarantee that the film will consist of deep philosophizing on the subject of science, faith, truth and knowledge, rather than a shocking portrayal of the first contact with little green men (or other strange things). Strangely enough, the film absorbs all the distinctive parables and ideas without much difficulty, although sometimes their far-reaching aspects and the explicitness of their expressions move on the thin edge of cheesy. Yet the search of the sympathetic scientist for "first contact" (but rather the very nature of knowledge) is riveting and well filmed. It's just a shame that Zemeckis couldn't visually imitate Kubrick's epic 2001: A Space Odyssey... But then I'd be asking for too much... ()


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angol Zemeckis' underrated exploration of space, politics, and most importantly, interpersonal relationships, is something I appreciate more and more each day. From a pleasant and fulfilling experience, it escalated into a film that projects itself into various life situations, dangerously frequently. In my eyes, this is Jodie Foster's life role and probably the centerpiece of Zemeckis' journey towards spiritual rebirth (initiated by Jenny in Forrest Gump and concluded by Cast Away's Chuck). That journey was terribly long and yet completely simple. ()


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angol Contact is certainly not as openly appealing as the famous Zemeckis trilogy Back to the Future, but in the director's filmography and in the genre of sci-fi films, it occupies no less important - and actually even more important - place. Zemeckis proved that it is possible to make an audience-attractive sci-fi film without cheap genre props and action scenes. Zemeckis constantly moves in the field of scientific theories and his world vision of contact with extraterrestrial civilization has a realistic basis. The driving force of the film are dramatic, well-written dialogues, convincingly portrayed character psychology, impressive plot twists, and clever film ideas. The film is very well cast and also properly well-acted. The budget is adequate to the demanding artistic vision, Zemeckis luckily had a reputation from previous successful films and was able to impress the producers. Overall impression: 80%. ()

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