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Hullaadás (2023) 

angol An even bigger cracker than I was hoping for. Eli Roth has made his best horror film and his best slasher in quite possibly a decade. A vicious carnage that puts all the Screams, Halloweens, Fridays the 13th, all the PG-13 slashers and all the wannabe meta slashers to shame. The film doesn't try to bring anything new to the genre, it just works with what's proven, but it's so fan-friendly that everything is done with a love for the genre, and I enjoyed the whole thing immensely. Just the setting alone in the famous American holiday of Thanksgiving is very cool and more enjoyable than Halloween or Christmas. Anyway, here's to a great slasher franchise, which I hope this will be. The very opening opening sequence, which I'd call the Black Friday opening gory madness, will a legendary scene in the horror archive that will earn the film a cult status. Let's move on to the individual elements, where I won't spare any praise. The Killer is perfect, with amazing design and costume, an iconic character who has skill and the set-ups are amazing. To my surprise the reveal of the killer and his motive works, which I also applaud. It's packed with hyperbole and a nice dark humor. It also works well as a whodunit about the hunt for a serial killer, where we follow a little investigative work. It's nice that the target is not just the central group of teenagers, but a host of other supporting characters. The city is consumed by terror and no one is safe. The body-count is decently high. I must also praise the well dosed jump-scares, one of them almost gave me a heart attack, and is one of the best this year (shame on all the ghost movies, when a slasher is doing a better jump-scare job). I also liked the retro 80's feel and the characters are cool too (the main character is really cute and hot). I must also highlight the fact that it's not completely silly. The behaviour of the characters is definitely more natural than in other slasher horror movies. And now the main thing , the gore and the execution of the murders is top notch. Here Eli Roth is really unleashed and all the murders have a twist, they are properly brutal, very creative, literally unpleasant and very nasty sometimes. He uses a variety of weapons and fatalities and I really enjoyed all the kills. There were guts, hammering, frying alive, scalps, decapitations, severed fingers, in short something from everyone and it's great. The finale with the dinner is also interesting, though I think the potential could have been used a bit better, it pointed to the ultimate torture mayhem, but stayed halfway, too bad, there could have been two legendary scenes in one movie, you just don't see that. Of course, there's plenty of tension and the whole thing is so much fun that when it's over you want to watch it all over again. 8.5/10.


Little Bone Lodge (2023) 

angol A surprisingly enjoyable horror thriller working with a familiar template, and even if it doesn't try to bring anything new, it works fine. I like these movies where a stranger shows up outside a house in the middle of nowhere at night looking for help and you don’t quite know who to trust at first, who's evil and who has what plans. A mother, a daughter and a sick father are disturbed by two guys during the night. One of them is injured and looking for help and I won't tell you more. Filmed decently, the acting is fine, and there are a few surprises (some expected, some unexpected). It really holds the attention and and keeps the viewer suspenseful as to how it all turns out, which counts. The ending is sharp too, so that's fine. Add some proper gore and I wouldn't hesitate to rate it higher, but it's worth a watch for those who like films like this. 6/10.


Napóleon (2023) 

angol Ridley Scott and another historical romp. This time he chose the historical icon Napoleon and, according to the previews, it was expected to be an adept for the film of the year, but according to the current rating of 72%, it will definitely not be and I was expecting more. It is still a great cinematic and genre event, though, especially since we don't get many huge historical films (when we do get one, it's usually without battles), so I thank Scott for this one. But the film suffers a lot from being a shortened version (it would have benefited from being split into two films), because even at 4 and a half hours, I don't think it can fully hold your attention. Joaquin Phoenix is of course excellent, he gives a great performance, and Vanessa Kirby follows suit. Surprisingly, the rest of the characters don't have much to work with here, they have small roles and no one else manages to impress in such a small space. The production design and craftsmanship are of course top notch, what the film presents historically seems to be true (the traditions, the coronation, the wedding, the paternity test). The are only three battles are they could have been longer (I'm sure they will be in the extended version). I was most impressed by the battle of Waterloo, where the strategy and tactics were nice. The battle itself is not that gripping, it's spectacular, but I missed proper gore, dirtiness and a bleak atmosphere, it's just not the same as the wrestling as with knights or vikings (at least there was one awesome gore scene with a horse right in the beginning, that was over the top), in short I've seen better, but I'm glad for this one too. The politics are dealt with rather quickly, with unfortunately no big intrigue. But what disappoints the most is that the emotions are completely absent, the film doesn't do much with the viewer. Napoleon's relationship with Josephine is cold, and I missed a downright memorable moment. I had a great time though, the film held my attention for the whole two and a half hours (maybe I was more entertained than in Oppenheimer), and it's definitely better than Fincher's The KillerI haven't seen Scorsese's Killers of the Flower Moon, but I don't trust it to justify the running time at all. We'll see what the extended version brings. While this is not the movie of the year, it's still above average and deserves the big screen. 75%

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Očekávané Horory pro rok 2023

The Last Voyage of the Demeter : André Ovredal, režisér skvělé Autopsy of Jane Doe a Scary stories to tell in dark nám představí příběh Stokerového Drakuly a zaměří se na plavbu obchodní lodi z Transylvanie do Anglie, která převáží rakev drákuly .. a posádka to nejspíš schytá.

The Exorcist : Režisér Halloweenu oživí klasiku klasik. Trochu obavy po posledních 2 Halloweenech, ale první byl fajn, takže naděje pořád je.

The Nun 2: Sequel od stejného režiséra, ale duchařiny ze světa Conjuringu můžu, takže uvidíme.

Salem´s Lot : známá adaptace kinga s upíry.

Insidious 5: Debut Patricka Wilsona ( Jeden z Warrenů) zkusí 5 díl a uvidíme zda tomu dokáže přinést jiskru.
MaXXXine : Uzavření Trilogie od Ti Westa. Snad finále jak se patří.

Meg 2: Pokračování obřího žraloka. Jednička byla slušná a tentokrát režíruje Ben Wheatley, který natáčí spíše podivnosti, tak uvidíme jak si poradí s větším filmem.
Saw X : Tobin Bell! se vrací oživit Saw a co může jediné vzkřísit sérii než ikonický sériový vrah ? Řekl bych,že dobrý tah.
The Last train to New York: Remake korejského Train to Busan, ale režíruje Timo Tjahjanto ! Jeden z mých oblíbených režisérů, takže můžem očekávat masakr jak svině !  

Nosferatu: Další remake známé klasiky a opět další upířína   Režíruje však Robert Eggers ( Witch, Seveřan) Klasika je v dobrých rukou

Boogeyman: Atmosférická jízda letošního roku? Dle traileru to vypadá na nejděsivější a nejpoctivější mainstream letoška. Šikovný Savage po skvělém Hostu vzbuzuje ještě větší zvědavost.

Moon garden: Steampunk hororové fantasy ve stop motion animaci. Hodně netradiční, ale originální žánrovka letoška. Láska k filmům je viditelná.

The Black Demon : Béčkový megalodon na ropném tankeru s mexickou legendou. Má to být Erko a podle mě to úplně marné nebude.


Talk to me: Chválený festivalový  favorit od studia A24. Originální erková duchařina s nadšenými ohlasy. Tutovka.

Wrath of Becky: Sequel nasrané Becky se Stiflerem. Vypadá to být větší, akčnější i krvavější. Nakonec se těším.

A haunting in Venice: Nový Hercule Poirot jako duchařina. Uvidíme.

It Lives Inside:  Slušně vypadající démonický horor s nádechem Indické kultury. Evokuje It Follows.

Platform 2: Pokračování Španělské zvrácenosti je milým překvapením a kéž by to vyšlo ještě letos. 

Bird Box Barcelona: Španělský Spin-off Bird Boxu s Mariem Casasem. Může být nečekaný hit.

God is Bullet: Áčkově obsazený temný thriller o satanistickém kultu. Vypadá divoce i drsně.