A fiatal lány

  • Mexikó La joven (több)
Mexikó / Egyesült Államok, 1960, 96 perc


Luis Buñuel


Peter Matthiessen (könyv)


Luis Buñuel, Hugo Butler


Gabriel Figueroa
(további alkotók)


One of only two films shot by Bunuel in English, this provocative film is a mesmerizing story of power, deception and manipulatio set on a remote island off the Carolina coast. Falsely accused of a crime and on the run, an African/American musician (BERNIE HAMILTON) crosses paths with the island's game warden, a prejudiced man (ZACHARY SCOTT) determined to win the love of a naive teenage girl who instead shows affection for the fugitive. (forgalmazó hivatalos szövege)


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angol I was a bit apprehensive about what to expect from Luis Buñuel, but this is completely different from what I thought. Above all, it's not at all surrealistic, but a completely realistic film with an incredibly strong message. Beautifully acted characters and a demonstration of how prejudice and hatred are powerful motivators. But maybe sometimes they don't win. ()