5 bambole per la luna d'agosto

  • Egyesült Államok Five Dolls for an August Moon (több)
Misztikus / Thriller
Olaszország, 1970, 82 perc


A weekend retreat on a private island should be a recipe for rest and relaxation unless you re appearing in a giallo by the master of the macabre, Mario Bava. Wealthy industrialist George Stark (Teodora Corrà) has gathered a group of friends - played by a who's who of Italian genre cinema including William Berger, Ira von Fürstenberg, Edwige Fenech and Howard Ross - to his island retreat. He hopes to entice them into investing in a new project, but soon the sunbathing and cocktails parties give way to murder, as the corpses begin to pile up one by one. (Arrow Films)