Frank-nek birtokában van egy rejtélyes puzzle doboz, melyben az érzéki extázist ígérő szellemek lakoznak. Miután a dobozt kinyitja, a férfi szétszaggatott testének véres maradványai borítják a padlót. Egy idő múlva Frank bátyja Larry, annak felesége Julia és lánya Kirsty, Frank régi házába költözik. Larryt költözéskor baleset éri, és vére a padlóra kerül. Ez táptalajként szolgál Frank szellemének. Az élőhalott Frank, hogy új erőre kapjon, ráveszi volt szeretőjét, hogy szerezzen neki férfiakat, és segítsen vérüket ontani. Utolsóként Larryt ölik meg. Közben Kirsty kezébe kerül a sötétség doboza. Kirsty a saját életét csak úgy tudja megmenteni, hogy Frank-et visszaadja a démonoknak... (Vertex)


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angol I've been waiting to watch this series since at least 1998 and I think the ship has sailed. From today's perspective, the first Hellraiser isn't great - the mystique around the cube is lacking and the Cenobites don’t get much space. Really, the only thing most of the runtime offers is Frank's transformation and the romance between him and Julie, which isn't much. But in a way, I'm looking forward to the next few nights watching more from the series, that is if I can survive watching 8 of the films (and fan films). This is the order in which I like the films overall: Hellraiser 8, Hellraiser 5, Hellraiser 4, Hellraiser 7, Hellraiser 2, Hellraiser 6, Hellraiser 1, Hellraiser 3, Hellraiser 9. ()


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angol These hellraisers can be really scary and the debuting Clive Barker, especially in the opening, shows first-class direction based on time parallels. Even Stephen King may never have imagined such a disturbing house. Hellraiser may be set in a decade defined genre-wise by slime and mutations (the physical ones as much as the narrative ones), and some of the violence and make-up effects are delightfully naive, but it paces well for 90 minutes and doesn't overwhelm you with cheap attractions. It's a clear cult classic, of course, with everything so very 80s that if something similar had been made a decade later, it would have gone straight to video. I probably would have liked more ingenuity around the torture of the victims, which is admittedly ugly, but at least visually just physical and too straightforward – I was waiting for the title dudes to start making Rick and Morty-esque noises with needles in their faces and snapping teeth coming out of hell, occasionally just waving their arms around. The final tug-of-war with the rock, paper, scissors monster is downright funny, but I still can't give it less than 4* – a bit out of amusement, but still mainly for the lack of horror qualities and enthusiasm in today's work. 75 % ()



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angol It's too bad that the filmmakers didn't keep the working title Sadomasochists From Beyond the Grave to distribute the film, as it's a much more eloquent description of what takes place in the film. There are incredible doses of splatter, and even though the ravages of time have bitten off a pretty solid slice, one can't help but smile deeply at the work of visual effects creator Bob Keen and especially director Clive Barker, who really doesn't spare any ideas and made the most of a simple script. Fortunately, the wooden actors were clearly outclassed by the "otherworldly" crew led by the demonic Pinhead, and whether it's the scene of Frank's resurrection or the close-up of the Cenobites' job description, everything is wrapped in a wonderfully eerie atmosphere, supported by Christopher Young's excellent score. "Beautiful" (maybe without the quotation marks). ()


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angol From today's perspective, Hellraiser's effects might be criticized as weaker, but they were of good quality for their time. The concept and execution are commendable, and in terms of direction and acting, this film belongs in the horror hall of fame. Overall impression: 70%. It's a shame that the idea was diluted in later sequels, which squeezed out from the theme even what wasn't there. ()


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angol I really don’t know why I avoided Hellraiser for so long, but whatever the reason was, it was a mistake. The original story with an at times very good atmosphere is well supported by quality gore, and that, together with the demonically charming Cenobites, would be good enough reason for a five star rating. But I’m giving it “only” four stars due to the pretty bad special effects for today’s standards (especially by the end), the poor performances and the occasional naive dialogues. My ranking: H1, H5, H2, H7, H3, H4, H6, H8 ()

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