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Axel Foley (Eddie Murphy) nyomozó  ismét Beverly Hillsben járőrözik. Miután lánya (Taylour Paige) életét veszély fenyegeti, a lány és Foley új társával (Joseph Gordon-Levitt), valamint régi cimboráival, Billy Rosewooddal (Judge Reinhold) és John Taggarttal (John Ashton) összefognak, hogy felpörgessék az eseményeket és leleplezzenek egy összeesküvést. (Netflix)


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angol Big comebacks bring big expectations, and as a huge fan of Eddie Murphy's 80s and 90s era, I couldn't have been more excited. But now I'm torn. Should I give it three stars for the nostalgia it delivered, or four stars for Eddie Murphy's ability to pull off what action comedies haven't in the last decade? Despite some narrative flaws and a scarcity of action, Murphy's return as Axel Foley is a blast. His humor and joy in reprising his iconic role shine through, enveloped in that perfect 80s vibe. For a debut director, it's more than I could have hoped for. Eddie and his old crew truly stole the show, and for that, I’m sincerely grateful. ()


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angol A clichéd 80s actioner copying almost all previous episodes, so great fun. Eddie Murphy doesn't look his age, he’s still funny and the contact action is replaced by chases. A good half of the atmosphere is done by the old hit songs and the Axel F theme in many variations. The newcomers are quite good, although their behaviour is very strange and everyone will guess who the bad guy is in his first scene. Still, all in all, a fine sequel that shows that black people age more slowly. It's not fair. :D ()



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angol A great sequel to the original film, in fact the best of them all. I especially like that they chose not to adapt Foley and the plot to the present day, so there's no artificial intelligence or hackers, no drones flying around, and no one watching anyone via satellite. It's a bona fide action crime comedy that gave me pretty much everything I expected from it, and managed to involve the new characters in the plot better than, say, Bad Boys: Ride or Die. ()


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angol That was really bad. It's been a long time since I've seen a movie that didn't have anything that interested me. The humour is completely off, the action is terrible (on the one hand, there's not enough of it and on the other hand, it sucks), Eddie Murphy is an actor who is long past his zenith so I found him annoying and unlikeable, I have no connection to the franchise so the nostalgia level didn't work for me, the story is weird and uninteresting, the only thing that's enjoyable are the cameos by famous actors, but that's about it. When I compare it to, for example, Bad Boys: Ride or Die, where the awesome R-rated action, the soundtrack, the actors and the humour work, this is very much a downgrade. Not for me. 3/10. ()

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