Mars Needs Women


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angol Poster tagline: THEY WERE LOOKING FOR CHICKS….TO GO ALL THE WAY!! The film contains only one interesting idea, when one of the Martians tells the visitors of the Earth observatory about Mars (after the explanatory tape breaks), without them knowing who they are dealing with. Otherwise, it's completely useless and boring, despite a premise (Martians come to find human females to breed) that had the potential to be promisingly developed, but unfortunately that was beyond Larry Buchanan's strength. The sci-fi props are almost entirely absent, the Martians only flicker about in unintentionally comical outfits with antennae for a few minutes, otherwise they parade around Earth in pressed suits, and the search itself is a constant stream of frozen glances at potential victims, or glances directly into the camera that substitute for hypnosis. The first half-hour is filled with an overabundance of documentary footage of terrestrial military equipment, borrowed from TV archives somewhere, and two generals, a.k.a. actors, who clearly don't know what they're supposed to be playing. The film isn't offensively stupid, or even entertainingly cheesy, unfortunately, it's just so terribly sluggish and slow that even the merciful 80 minutes are a trial of the viewer's patience. ()